About me

Laura Layton James

I’m Laura Layton-James, LauraLJ or LJ as I’m also fondly referred to by friends and colleagues.  I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire with two little dogs and my husband (yes, I know I put the dogs first but Dean knows his place). It’s a lovely part of the country just on the Welsh border and although I’ve moved away several times in the past I’ve always found myself back here.

With nearly 20 years experience in the learning and development field, I am an avid supporter of evidence-based learning practices and how we can support learning and performance in the workplace; learning doesn’t stop with the formal.  I’ve always been curious how technology can help us do things more efficiently, and rose to the challenge of how we can maintain great learning experiences when delivered digitally.

I am a strong supporter for keeping people at the heart of learning and how successful performance relies upon the human support people receive; even more so when learning solutions move more to digital.

I work with organisations to help plan blended learning strategies that leverage appropriate digital tools and successfully implement digital learning to achieve performance through a whole workplace learning approach. I will work closely with L&D professionals to help transfer their classroom design and delivery skills to online, up-skill for online facilitation and to support learning in the workplace.

Successful transformation from formal classroom to online isn’t simply a case of taking the classroom content and delivering it virtually in the same timescales. Designing learning for the digital environment requires different structure, different skills and a different mind-set throughout the organisation. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how I can help you convert your formal classroom courses effectively for a quick fix whilst working towards future-proofing your learning and performance strategies in the new normal of a post COVID-19 world, please get in touch.  I’m happy to give you a no-charge initial discovery meeting.

All communication will be remote.

Get in touch:
email: laura@ljlearning.co.uk
tel: 07815 684 726