Learning cup-cakes

Image by Debbie Ryan from Pixabay

A modern recipe for today’s learning.

Traditional learning programmes are like a rich traditional wedding cake. Several tiers of a deliciously rich mixture of fruits. The chef would have taken time and care and started months before the wedding date. The cakes would have stood and ‘matured’ over a number of weeks. They would be carefully covered in smooth icing and decorated with fine sugar flowers and patterns. The traditional wedding cake is a perfect balance of flavours and ingredients and very appropriate for a traditional wedding but a costly and an intricate process.

Blended learning solutions are like modern wedding cakes made up of lots of cup-cakes created to different recipes, flavours and colours that would be more palatable to more people and more appropriate for the individual guests. They cup-cakes are small, bite-sized portions which can be baked quickly. They can be mixed and matched or in their own wrapping. Easier to handle and distribute and to add to. Put together in a clever and creative way, they make dazzling displays and are very versatile.

They type of cake you bake will depend on the type of event you are catering for and the guests attending.

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