Generation Y work-shy?

“A study spanning three decades concluded that…Generation Y expect to have their cake and eat it” according to an article in The Daily Mail yesterday. The article goes on to report they:

Value their leisure time more than their older colleagues do
Desire an easy pace with lots of holidays
See work as less central to their lives but as a means of just making a living

Research by The Association of Graduate Recruiters also echoed this and identified young graduates seemed to expect everything to fall into their laps. The situation has resulted in a good number of firms employing those with a stronger work ethic through overseas recruitment.

If this is what we can expect from the Generation Y born c1980, what can we expect from the even younger generation leaving school now? Well, also reported in an adjacent article in The Daily Mail, employers are experiencing young workers regularly turning up late for work and interviews and a seemingly lack of respect in their dress and working relationships.

What implications does this have for the L&D profession ? How can we encourage more enthusiasm for hard work and a little humility to succeed in business?

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