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We know one size doesn’t fit all

Each situation is unique and that requires a unique learning architecture that leverages appropriate digital tools.  We work to understand your vision and uniqueness to allow us to support your digital learning successes.

We have over 25 years’ experience in L&D with 14 years’ experience designing and facilitating online learning. We’ve worked with L&D teams from large corporates to freelancers to help them do the same.

We offer online consultancy, mentoring and skills development workshops to get you there.

Transforming your classroom to online learning

Taking your classroom training online effectively is more than moving it to a live online classroom. Bring us your current classroom courses and we will help you transform them into effective and engaging online programmes.

Getting your L&D team online fit

Your classroom trainers can go from newbies to online experts with our role specific online learning skills workshops. We will help your team adapt their classroom skills, and super charge their confidence when online.  

There is more to online learning than just live virtual classrooms. Your L&D team will soon be designing and facilitating effective and engaging blended online learning programmes that get results.

Learning consultancy and advisory service

Reach your digital learning goals with the help of our many years’ experience in the design, development and facilitation of online learning programmes. We will help and support you in the digital transformation of your learning programmes with our consultancy and mentoring service.

We can offer this independently or as a bolt-on for our online skills workshops, so you have the support you need when you are putting new skills into practise back in the workplace.

Blended learning architecture

Every situation is unique. From initial discovery, to planning implementation, we help L&D teams design the most appropriate blend that is efficient without compromising on quality. 

You can be confident that your digital learning programmes will align to business needs and adapt to the changing learning landscape.

By applying business models and performance improvement frameworks, we can help you move towards a whole workplace learning ecosystem that goes beyond the formal course.

Supporting workplace performance

Learning doesn’t stop at the formal; it may merely be the starting point. Certainly, learners completing formal training will need continued support to help transfer their learning into performance.

Support your people in the workplace and help foster a continuous learning culture through non-formal strategies and relevant resources.  We can help you become the guides and facilitators of workplace learning to help people do their jobs better and faster.

Developing your SMEs’ skills

Your subject matter experts play an important role in a whole workplace learning ecosystem. They can provide coaching and mentoring to support performance and are the ‘go-to’ people for expert advice on topics. 

Unlike L&D professionals, SMEs are not often equipped with experience in adult learning theories and people development skills. 

We can help your SME not only learn new digital skills but how to plan and structure effective learning sessions as part of their supporting role.

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