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Get your team online fit

Your classroom trainers and subject matter experts can go from newbies to online experts with our virtual and online learning skills courses. We will help your team adapt their classroom skills, and super charge their confidence when online.  

There is more to online learning than just live virtual classrooms. Your team will soon be designing and facilitating effective and engaging online learning programmes that get results. Check out how we can help below.

Transform your classroom to online

Taking your classroom training online effectively is more than moving it to a live online classroom. Do you have a classroom course you need to convert to online? We can help you transform them into effective and engaging online programmes. You will blend appropriate digital media to ride the turbulence of the pandemic and to future proof your learning programmes.

Facilitate online learning

The great thing about moving your classroom content online is the flexibility it offers. Learners can learn individually and collaboratively in their own time. However, the challenges learners can face when left to their own devices is losing motivation and the feeling of isolation. We can help you adapt your classroom facilitation skills for supporting your learners by setting social learning activities, encouraging participation, moderating and providing developmental feedback in an asynchronous learning environment.

Facilitate live online learning

Facilitating learning in a live online environment (virtual classroom) means adapting your core classroom skills and developing new skills to manage the virtual classroom platform as well as keeping your learners engaged and participating when the opportunities for distractions are many. We will help you supercharge your current skills to become a live online learning super hero for those times where immediacy is important.

Advisory service

Reach your online learning goals with the help of our many years’ experience in the design, development and facilitation of online learning programmes. We will help and support you in the transformation from physical classroom to online learning with our consultancy and mentoring service.

We can offer this independently or as a bolt-on for our online learning skills courses, so you have the support you need when you are putting new skills into practise back in the workplace.

Blended learning architecture

Every situation is unique. From initial discovery, to planning implementation, we help L&D teams design the most appropriate blend that is efficient without compromising on quality. 

You can be confident that your digital learning programmes will align to business needs and adapt to the changing learning landscape.

By applying business models and performance improvement frameworks, our Blended Learning Architect programme can help you move towards a whole workplace learning ecosystem that goes beyond the formal course.

We have over 25 years’ experience in L&D with 14 years’ experience designing and facilitating online learning. We’ve worked with L&D teams from large corporates to freelancers to help them do the same.

We offer online skills development courses, consultancy and mentoring to get you there.

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