Has mobile technology impacted how we email?

After recently reading an interesting article on Mashable about whether emailing habits have changed with the introduction mobile technology I thought I’d share my experiences since the purchase of my first smart phone (iPhone) in March this year. I certainly check more regularly. What’s really sad is when I check personal email, I usually check work. Do I need more of a work life balance? I guess so.

As for writing more e-mails – I usually wait until I’m back on my laptop unless an urgent response is needed. This is purely because I still can’t get on with these fiddley keyboards but am getting better. At the moment I’m writing this from my WordPress app on my iPhone. It’s slow going for a touch typist and I make more typos but I’m sure I’ll get better at it.

The big difference this new gadget has made is that I am constantly online. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I have a feeling it is feeding my addiction. I have no need to worry that I am alienating myself from my husband as I read through my RSS feeds, checking email, Tweeting or Facebooking – he’s doing exactly the same on the other sofa on his iPhone. Now that IS sad!


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